In Memoriam


BorderShock Splaaash Smak


Dixie 6,5 years and her brother Max (Sequoyahpark Storm Breaker)

27.03.2007: Gorgeous Dixie with her brothers Max and Chief. Dixie will be 10 years in only 3 months.

10.10.2007: 10,5 year old Dixie & Marta - 2 sisters with their families. Aren't they wonderful?

Max, Chief, Dixie, Marta and Kellie

Dixie was a blue/white female

born 08.07.1997

Hips: C1-D1

Was owned by

Birgitte Brel & family

Dearest little Dixie,

I know you had a good life with your family. They took good care of you and showed you the respect, when this sad time comes.

I remembered you as the spitting image of your mother Babe and with your own opinion about things. You were quite good to figure things out for your own benefit.

Take care little Dixie until we meet again.- may you run free without pain .


Last updated January 2, 2010