In Memoriam


BorderShock Plingeling Ding Dong


Jackpot is a black/white female

born 08.07.1997

Was owned & loved by

Lene & John Becker

Dearest little Jackpot

10 years and 30 days was the time you were here. Still I say it was too soon for you to leave. You were loved by soo many people. When your mum rang me and told how sick you were - and soo suddenly... I was soo sad to hear this and thought where has all these years gone?

I remembered you as a little naughty girl who always wanted to explore the World. You sure could make your mum bye every type of food on the market.... And I for sure will always remember you as our little movie-star who made Hans Pilgaard forget his lines and concentration when you were only 3 weeks old. It was not long ago I saw the tape and remembered back in time.

Take care wonderful Jackpot - now you can run and play without any pain.


We all meet again one day.

Last updated January 2, 2010