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Beautiful Marta 7 years (and her mum)


10.10.2007: 10,5 year old Dixie & Marta - 2 sisters with their families. Aren't they wonderful?

Max, Chief, Dixie, Marta and Kellie

Marta is a blue/white female

born 08.07.1997

Hips: A-A, Elbows: 0-0

Was owned by

Elisabeth Reinholdt & family

Dearest Marta,

I will never forget what a speedy and special little girl you were. You knew what you wanted from the very start. We were lucky to have the perfect family for you. And through the years you and your mum proved what a great match you were.

We thank you your family from our hearts for have given you what we felt were a perfect life for you..

Take care little Marta until we meet again some day...


Last updated January 2, 2010