In Memoriam


DKCH BorderShock Spiillaaboiiing


The sleeping beauty !!!

[Beautiful Mollie]

Mollie and her best mate Tem (BorderShock Tempting Typhoon).

Mollie was a black/white female

born 08.07.1997

Hips B1-B1

Was owned by

Lisbeth Zacho


Oh Mollie this happened so fast and all too soon. Only 4 years, 6 months and 21 days. 
NEVER to see you again at our place playing in our dog yard, which you loved so much.
NEVER to hear you bark, when you wanted to say your opinion.  
NEVER to run around the house after you with your mum, to catch you after a visit at our place, because you were having a great time with your mates and didn't want to leave.

You were such a special girl. Hope to see you again some day. And I'm sure you will charm everybody on your new way, like you did when you were here !!!

Last updated January 2, 2010