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[Tania 7 weeks]

[Tania and her sister Frida playing, almost 4 Months] [Tania and her sister Frida playing, almost 4 Months]

[Tania 1 year] [Tania 1 year]

[Tania 1 year]

Beautiful Tania 4 years:

Tania training Search & Rescue:


Tania & Anette having a break...

Tania & her roommate..... October 2006

More photos of Prut and Tania - 31.12.2006

See the above photo. This is now in a museum of art in Switzerland :ooo))).

Read more on Tania's own homepage!!! Click the bottom below.

Tania really enjoying her new sport.

But it is still nice to know where mum is... ooo)))

Tania and Fancy enjoying themselves!!! 03.08.2007

Tania and Fancy august 2007 - aren't they just gorgeous???

Wonderful Tania 10.05.2008

25.07.2008 Fancy 12 years & Tania 8 years

Gorgeous Tania and her wonderful sister Fancy 18.08.2008

Tania met her grandchildren Takoda & Nina 02.10.2011

Anette and gorgeous Tania in February - 11,5 years

Isn't she beautiful???

Wonderful old Tania 20.05.2012

Tania 12 years and still going strong 16.07.2012

26.11.2012 These photos are fantastic!!!

Tania's only litter with us: 

Owner: Anette Visholm. 
Born: 01.07.2000.
Sex: Female.
Colour: Blue Merle.
Height: 51 cm.
Eyes: Brown. Tania's eyes are tested clear of CEA/PRA/CAT 7 weeks of age and as adult.
Hips: Tania has A on both hips in the age of 2,5 years.

Tania is strong and soft at the same time. She loves to work and does it easily for hours. She was to most active in the litter. And we are so happy that we have found the perfect person to her, who can use her the way she should be used. 

Tania is training Search and Rescue and is really good. In a training session she found 3 hidden persons in only 61 seconds. (The time allowed was 15 minutes) !!! And when she passed the basic test with 95 points out of 100 (and was no. 2 out of 6), she found 3 hidden person in 1 minute and 45 seconds. Over 1 minute faster than no. 2.... 

Tania also loves tracking with great eager... She loves people very much. And that is a "must" in Search and Rescue.

Instinct: Tania has been on sheep a couple of times. She shows interest and is just like her brother Marco when he started. Marco is now a quite good at herding, so Tania has good odds to be herding also, but their main interest will always be Search and Rescue.

Steestrup August 23, 2003:

2. price open class.


This is Tania's older sister: 

BPB, SPH1, LP1, RH BorderShock Bumble Beat


Fancy is one of very few Border Collies in Denmark, who is an approved rescue dog. 

(Fancy was the first Border Collie in Denmark who passed this).

Fancy is retired now and Tania has taken her place instead.

[Fanyc 5 years]

"Old" pics of Fancy training Search & Rescue:


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