In Memoriam


Danish Border Collie Club Winner 2002 - in herding

Hyrdpr Maliway Matsi


[Matsi 2 years] [Matsi 2 years]

Beautiful Matsi 15.08.2004

Matsi 07.11.2004

My special and so wonderful little Matsi 03.08.2005 - 6 years.

Our sooo special little boy Matsi 21.01.2006

My sooo special Matsi 26.06.2006 - 7 years.

Matsi and Mikey having great fun... 26.06.2006

Wonderful Matsi 19.07.2006

Dearest Matsi 06.08.2006

My gorgeous Matsi - 26.11.2006

Even he will be 8 years, he still acts like a 2 year old... He is a true copy of his father Spooky.

I just love my little boy sooo much...

He couldn't find a bigger one :o) 01.04.2007

Beautiful Mat 17.06.2007

23.06.2007 We just love this boy to pieces... Our gorgeous little "Stumprump".

20.01.2008: Matsi just can't help himself when he finds a good "muldvarpeskud"

(sorry can't remember the word in English). His brother Willie share this hobby very much ooo)))

Wonderful Matsi on his 9 year old birthday 13.04.2008

28.12.2008 - Matsi having a great time playing

02.01.2009 - I just love my little shadow soo much!!!

And here going bananas with a ball....... You just can't help laughing when he does this.

He is really trying to dig all the way to China ooo))) 27.02.2009

27.04.2009 - See the look in his eyes. Exactly the same as his daddy Spooky, and his grand niece Zoya.

Always ready for action...

23.06.2010 - Matsi and his best toy.

29.06.2010 - Soffy trying to steel the ball

And the last ones of my wonderful and special little boy. I miss you sooo much.





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