Maliway Catequil

(God of Thunder and Lightning)


Gorgeous and so special little Pjerrot 01.01.2008

Having fun with Tessie 01.01.2008

Wonderful little Pjerrot 13.01.2008

And again 19.01.2008

Our special little man Pjerrot 02.02.2008

Gorgeous Pjerrot 22.03.2008 - he is such a sweetheart

And again 23.03.2008 with Zoya


Pjerrot having a GREAT time ooo))) - this is just the best place for him and his sister Natasha to play. For all our kids by the way.

(Then it doesn't matter how they look after they have played ooo))) - but there sure is NOT much white left).

Gorgeous Pjerrot 13.04.2008

Wonderful Pjerrot 19.04.2008

18.05.2008 Wonderful Pjerrot. He is such a sweetheart!!!

Pjerrot who is very difficult to take photos of as he is always on the move ooo))) 04.06.2008

10.08.2008: Beautiful Pjerrot 8 months.

20.09.2008 Our soo special Pjerrot nearly 11 months.

Here enjoying the sun ooo)))

19.10.2008 Our wonderful special Pjerrot

Happy Pjerrot 22.11.2008

02.01.2009 - Isn't he just gorgeous???

10.04.2009 - Our wonderful boy ooo)))

24.04.2010 - Pjerrot has developed in to a beautiful boy. With the kindest temperament to match.

Turbo Pjerrot in the snow 24.12.2010

Isn't he gorgeous??? - 20.02.2011

Pjerrot 08.08.2011

Our gorgeous Pjerrot 06.09.2011

Pjerrot looking a lot like his dad Cooper :-) 24.12.2011

My gorgeous boy 20.05.2012

Pjerrot 20.06.2012

15.07.2012 Pjerrot ♥♥♥

Pjerrot 24.07.2012

And again 19.08.2012

Pjerrot loves to nurse the others - here it is Rachel ♥♥♥ - 19.08.2012

Pjerrot in the first snow this year 02.12.2012

13.02.2013 - Pjerrot and his dad Cooper ♥♥♥

And as we best know him - always on the run ♥♥♥

Pjerrot 20.03.2013

Wonderful Pjerrot 01.09.2013

Last updated September 22, 2013