In Memoriam


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[Sisse 5 years]

[Sisse herding]

[Sisse 6 years]

Wonderful Sisse 9,5 years

Our very very special Sisse 25.12.2004

Dear Sisse 16.01.2005

Our very very special Sisse 24.03.2005

Our sooooooooo special girl Sisse 02.07.2005 - 10,5 years.

Our wonderful girl Sisse 18.07.2005. And her daughter Magi 7 years behind her.

Our wonderful girl Sisse 08.10.2005 enjoying a wonderful October day with sunshine !!!

Isn't Sisse just WONDERFUL ??? Can you see she is almost 11 years ??? We are just soooo PROUD of her...

See - she can play forever... But don't let her fool you. She is alway ready when the work of our sheep need to be done!!!!!!

Our dearest Sisse 20.08.2006

One of a kind Sisse 11,5 years - 23.09.2006

The last photos of our once in a lifetime girl - 08.10.2006

She was one of the most beautiful merles I have ever seen. And I am forever grateful she was ours.

Do you want to see Sisse herd ?
Herding pics

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