Westurn To Lis With Love


7 weeks and sooo beautiful...

8 weeks

8 weeks with her wonderful grandfather Sonny (AUS GR CH Borderfame Alusive Lover CDX)

He is the reason why her name is Sunny... Isn't he just unmatchable ??? Nearly 12 years of age here !


8 weeks with her just as wonderful uncle Cash (Edenbrae Western Mustang CD ADM JDX ET)


Sunny left with her brother River and in the middle little (Pocket) Rocket

Sunny 10 weeks. She just gets more and more wonderful each day !!!


Sunny 3 Months and with her granddad Sonny.


And again with her BEST playmate Lego.

Sunny 4,5 months

5,5 months

8 months

Wonderful Sunny 9 months

Wonderful Sunny 05.12.2004. She couldn't find a bigger one !!!

Our little Sunshine 19.12.2004

And again 22.01.2005

Miss Sunshine 13.08.2005

Gorgeous Sunny 17.12.2005

And with little sister Amanda

Sunny in the snow 30.12.2005

Miss Sunshine 28.01.2006

My soo special Miss Sunshine - 02.04.2006

The Star of my heart - 13.05.2006

Our precious Sunny 10.06.2006

Gorgeous Sunny and Amanda - 28.07.2006

 Gorgeous Sunny 18.11.2006

Precious Sunny 07.01.2007

Precious Sunny 27.01.2007

Wonderful Sunny 11.03.2007

My precious Sunshine 13.06.2007

And again 17.06.2007 - See her eyes, they just melt your hear!!!

Happy Sunny 06.04.2008 - Doing what she loves the most. Bathing ooo)))

She is finally starting to get her coat back after the babies.

22.11.2008 - This is how my woderful Sunshine is....

01.05.2009 - Sunny loves this more than anything ooo)))

Our very special girl 28.08.2009

And again 30.09.2009

My one and only Sunshing - 30.10.2010

Look at her special eyes ooo))) 04.12.2010

My wonderful and special girl with Lego, Amanda and the tail of Rachel :o) - 26.01.2011

Mrs. Sunshine 24.08.2011

And again 06.09.2011

My soulmate 12.10.2011

Isn't she just beautiful? 22.10.2011

My soulmate 28.01.2012

My Sunshine 28.10.2012

And loosing her brain in the first snow of the year 02.12.2012

Last updated December 8, 2012