In Memoriam


Maliway Prince Charming


[Charmy 3 weeks]

[Charmy 10 weeks]     [Charmy 10 weeks]

Dear Charmy 4,5 years old 02.05.2005

Wonderful Charmy 18.07.2005

Beautiful Charmy 03.08.2005

Wonderful Charmy 20.08.2005

Beautiful Charmy 25.12.2005

Gorgeous Charmy 21.01.2006 - Just before Susanne picked him up

Isn't he just wonderful??? May 2008

And again with his brother Kekko. Don't they just look soo happy? May 2008

Dearest little Chamse,

You was through so much in your life. Even I know your first family loved you - I still feel that your last mum gave you the best years of your life. We are soo sad that you had to part all too soon. You will be soo missed.

Take care little Prince Charming until we meet again .



Charmy is a blue merle male

born 01.10.2000

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Was owned and loved by

Susanne Steensgaard


March 16, 2008 Charmy has got a new brother - "our" Kekko

Last updated August 26, 2010