In memoriam


Maliway Stylish Outrun


 And photos of Amica in her new home:

[Amica 12 weeks]

Amica 7½ months and her mum Berit at their first (unofficial) show May 9, 2002, 

where they got very promising pup, and was second in class.

[Amica 7½ Months]

Beautiful Amica 2 years old in Italy with her human parents !


Wonderful Amica at her 3 year old birthday 22.09.2004

Beautiful Amica with her human "sister" Nanna

Gorgeous Amica 10.01.2008 - Home after a trip to Italy with her "parents"...

Wonderful Amica in Italy - 25.05.2010

Gorgeous Amica 3 days before her 12 year old birthday - 19.09.2013

Amica is a black/white female

born 22.09.2001

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Owned & loved by

Tom Høegh Andersen & Berit Lynggaard


Last updated April 2, 2014