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And some of Rambo in his new home:

[Ramo 15 weeks] [Ramo 15 weeks]

[Rambo 15 weeks]

Rambo's brother Ghost.

Rambo and Ghost have so much fun together.

Ghost worked really great on sheep and cattle. And

Rambo has been interested in sheep since 10 weeks.

Sadly Ghost has crossed the Rainbowbridge Oct. 2006

And this is Rambo's other brother Teddy. Teddy has a beatiful

style, when he is working on sheep. And he is very fast.


Boy Rambo looks like his father - our forever missed Spooky.

And the way Carsten tells us how he works the sheep, makes us very proud.

And here is Rambo's brother - 9 year old wonderful Teddy


Rambo and Teddy have got a new little brother Loui


Rambo, Teddy and Loui have got a new little brother Zap

Rambo is a black/white male

born 22.09.2001

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Owned & loved by

Carsten and Jette Andersen


Last updated May 24, 2010