In memoriam


Maliway Long Distance


[Spiff 7 weeks]

And here are some photos of Spiff in his new home:


Spiff 9 months:

Spiff just over 2 years

Wonderful Spiff 27.01.2007

Having fun 14.02.2007

Gorgeous Spiff 24.03.2007

And again 14.12.2007

Wonderful Spiff 2008

Spiff was a black/white male

born 22.09.2001

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Was owned & loved by

Mette & Henrik Kalmberg


Wonderful wonderful Spiff

Your family miss you soo much. You showed what a loyal friend you were to your family. They told me how great you were and I am soo proud of you!!!

Very sadly your body developed small tumours on your skin which would have taken operation after operation. And this wouldn't be fair to you. My heart is bleeding for you and your family.

This was all too soon. Take care wonderful Spiff until we meet again..


Last updated August 22, 2010