In Memoriam


Maliway Wildasastorm


6 weeks

7 weeks

9 weeks

Charlie 23.10.2004. We had been looking af him while his mum and dad were away.

BUT it was very difficult as he has fire in his b.., like his sister Yeddah - so these are the best ones even they are not good.

Gorgeous Charlie while his was still living with Mark.

10.09.2011 Isn't he just gorgeous?

Wonderful Charlie 19.02.2012

And 13.05.2012

Charlie is a black/white male

born 10.05.2004

Eyes clear at 8 weeks

Owned & loved by

Vibeke og Søren Kops


This was Vibeke and Sørens wonderful boy Kismet 13.03.1997-30.12.2009

(BorderShock Theone'n'only - and who I was co-breeder of)

Last updated April 18, 2013