Maliway Wildasthunder


6 weeks

7 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

Jimmi and Yeddah looking at auntie Spot's babies


Jimmi 10 months with brother Joker 16 months

Gorgeous Jimmi 09.07.2006


Jimmy and Joker with their beautiful "room mate" Lady Sisse. Sisse will 18 years old in March - Yes it is 18!!!

Gorgeous Jimmi 09.08.2008


After the sudden loss of Joker, Jimmi now have a new little sister Liva.

I warms my heart to see how great he is taking care of her 20+21.08.2012

Jimmi is a black/white male

born 10.05.2004

Eyes clear at 8 weeks

Hips C-B

Owned & loved by

Kaj Thomsen & Kirsten Härtel


Click the photo if you want to see Jimmi's brother Joker

Last updated September 9, 2012