Maliway Wildnwindy


6 weeks

7 weeks

9 weeks

We have already photos from her new home...

Windy finding her place on the shelf !!!

Windy with her new sister Pei Pei (in the back) and her new brothers Bobbie (behind her) and Crazy (in the front).

Windy 7 months

"Windy Crawford" 13 months

Windy relaxing...

Gorgeous Windy 01.07.2006

Beautiful Windy April 2007

Windy and family on vacation - July 2007

Wonderful Windy 05.08.2007

Gorgeous Windy - looking soo much like her father 29.04.2008

And having fun 29.04.2008

Isn't Windy just gorgeous??? - 19.10.2008

14.07.2009 - Windy enjoying life to the fullest ooo))) (no wonder Pei is looking at her like this)

Wonderful Windy in the snow - 17.12.2009

Windy and her (and Coopers) daughter Maggie - 05.06.2010

Windy is a black/white female

born 10.05.2004

Eyes clear at 8 weeks and adult

Hips B-B

Owned & loved by

Anette Tofte & family


Kojima Border Collies

Windy now has a little sister our Pascha

Last updated October 24, 2010