In Memoriam


Maliway Wildnfree


6 weeks

7 weeks

10 weeks

Zigga is a black/white female

born 10.05.2004

Eyes clear at 8 weeks


It has been such a sad day for us. Zigga's family decided to sell her through a paper without contacting us even though they signed an agreement where we were to be contacted first if they couldn't have her anymore.

Now her new "family" is someone who breeds none registered border collies. They say on their homepage that they are not a kennel, but never the less they have bred their own dogs and for now have had 4 litters. The parents of their litters have not been hipscored or eyetested and is not used for anything.... Sooo sad. You can look at their page here:


We do not like or support this kind of breeding !!!

Now we can only pray to have our little girl back.



These people have only had Zigga for 4 months and now she already has given birth to her first unregistered litter. Which means she was mated only 2 months after they got her....!!! They have just confirmed my worst thoughts. Luckily Zigga was nearly 2 years when she came to these people and 2 years old when these people mated her and not mated at 16 months of age like the mother of their last litter. I saw their advertisement of these puppies in January 2006, before they even got Zigga.


I will NEVER forget or forgive Dan Stefan Nielsen and his family for selling her to these people!!!


Now Zigga has been put to sleep. Only 4 years old.

Yes I have kept an eye on their homepage!!! Who wouldn't when someone you don't want to have one of your babies - have one and you can't do anyhing about it... And believe me I have tried!!!


My dearest little girl. It tares my heart apart for not being able give you the life you deserved soo much... You didn't get a chance in life. People are not always what they seem to be. That is for sure and I have learned my lesson... But you paid with your life and I couldn't do anything about it. I am soo soo sorry Zigga for not being able to get you back - then you would be alive today - safe and sound. May you run wild and free like your name my little girl - I will never forget you or what happened to you for as long as I live.


Last updated August 22, 2010