In Memoriam


Maliway Idéfix


7 weeks

8 weeks old in his new wonderful home !!!

Wonderful Idéfix 3 months 30.04.2005

Wonderful Idéfix 11.09.2005

Wonderful little Idéfix 20.12.2005

This great little boy has been through a very tough time the last 4 weeks. His vet discovered that he

had a hole in his stomach, where his liver had pushed its way through and was laying just behind his heart.

Inge and Per didn't knew if he would survive the operation. He luckily did and is now fit for fight again.

He is such a tough little boy with a will to survive you can't imaging.

We are sooooo happy for you that it turned out the very best way possible !!!

Beautiful Idéfix with a smile like his daddy - 16.09.2006

Gorgeous Idéfix who visits us 23.12.2006

Gorgeous Idéfix 2007

And here with his human brother Hector

 Idéfix is a black/white male

born 31.01.2005

Eyes clear at 7 weeks


Owned & loved by

Inge & Per Stausholm


Last updated September 12, 2013