Maliway Obelix


4 weeks

7 weeks

7,5 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

Beautiful Obi June 2005

Beautiful Obi with his father Lego - 20.08.2005

Obi again 03.09.2005

Beautiful Obi 30.12.2005

Cecilie and Obi

Lene with Obi when he went second best male only 12 months old at a show.

Photo taken by Cecilie...

Obi & Cecilie August 2006 - Isn't this just a gorgeous photo???

Beautiful Obi... August 2006

Wonderful Obi 08.10.2006

Beautiful Obi with his brother Willie December 2006

Obi and Willie 18.08.2007 - Aren't they just gorgeous???

Obi in September 07 oooooooo))))))

Obi at a show 08.12.2008 - Isn't he just gorgeous???

Obi at Rally Obedience 06.04.2008 - They got 97 points of 100 and they were no. 10 out of 40.

Obi and his brother Willie with their winnings ooo)))

Gorgeous Obi & Willie 01.05.2008

Copyrights Lene Dyrner and Åsa Eriksson

Wonderful Obi 19.05.2012

Obi visiting 09.06.2012

Obi visiting and his mom Lene has taken these great photos 28.10.2012

Obi and his dad Lego 28.10.2012

28.10.2012  Obi and his brother Strix. Aren't they gorgeous???

Obi and his little brother Joey 20.03.2013

 Obi is a black/white male

born 31.01.2005

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Hips: B-B, Elbows: 0-0

CEA/CH DNA carrier #06-4219

CL DNA normal #06-4219


Owned & loved by

Lene Dyrner & family


This is Obi's new younger brother Joey who is litter brother to our Skoopy

Click the photo to see him.

This was Obi's new older brother Willie who is litter brother to our Matsi

Click the photo to see him.

Last updated December 8, 2012