Maliway Legacy O'Magic


4,5 weeks

5,5 weeks

6,5 weeks

Charlotte and Enyu 20.10.2006

Beautiful Enyu 26.10.2006

Gorgeous Enyu 01.11.2006

Beautiful Enyu 19.11.2006

17.03.2007: Gorgeous Enyu with just as gorgeous mum Aico

And brother Bluee on visit...

13.05.2007: 3 pics of gorgeous Enyu on a visit to Loui's (before Bluee) new home. More of her on Loui's site.

They sure LOVE each others company!!!

Gorgeous Enyu 31.12.2007

Beautiful Enyo - 08.01.2009

Wonderful Enyu 27.12.2009

Enyu found a "small" stick :o))) 03.02.2012

Gorgeous Enyu visiting us here with Takoda and Skoopy - 27.07.2013

Beautiful Enyu

And at home 13.08.13

 Enyu is a blue merle female

born 30.08.2006

Eyes clear at 7 weeks


Owned & loved by

Charlotte BÝcher and her unforgettable mum Aico


Last updated September 22, 2013