Maliway Eternal Joker


1 day old

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

7 weeks old

Joker just before he left us - 26.03.2010

Joker with Magnus 27.03.2010

Gorgeous little Joker 01.04.2010

This is just a GREAT photo of Susanne & Joker 04.04.2010

Aren't Fendi and Joker gorgeous???

Cute "little" Joker 05.04.2010

Magnus & Joker 23.05.2010

Gorgeous Joker with his human brothers Magnus & Oliver 25.06.2010

And here also with his brother Fendi & his sister Nike

What a gorgeous head ooo)))

Here with his wonderful Mum Susanne

Joker 6 months, he sure has grown a lot ooo))) with Fendi & Nike - 24.07.2010

Joker & Magnus testing the water - 26.07.2010

Joker even share his crate with Magnus ooo))) - 28.07.2010

Joker & Liva - aren't they gorgeous???? 25.09.2010

Christmas greetings from Joker, Fendi and Nike

3 great dogs ooo))) - Joker, Fendi and Nike

Joker at agility ooo))))


and at home:-)

Gorgeous Joker 23.05.2012

Joker is doing great in agility - 21.07.2012

Joker is a blue/white male (perhaps blue sable)

born 22.01.2010

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

HD A-A, AD 0-0, OCD clear

 CEA/CH DNA ? (normal or carrier) 

CL and TNS DNA normal by parentage

Owned & loved by

Susanne Wilken Randeris & family


Joker now have a brother Fendi (who is Lego's son) and a sister Nike

Last updated August 5, 2012