Maliway Eternal Storm


1 day old

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

7 weeks old

Gorgeous Storm 17.03.2010

Beautiful Storm 10.04.2010

Storm with his new mum

Gorgeous Storm 12.10.2010

And again 04.12.2010

Still look like Storm ooo))) 23.12.2010

Louise tells that this is why their flowers always are "flat" :o) 28.05.2011

Storm after a bath :ooo))). He didn't like the smell hihi 30.09.2011

Storm is a black/white male

born 22.01.2010

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

 CEA/CH DNA ? (normal or carrier) 

CL and TNS DNA normal by parentage

Owned & loved by

Henrik Larsen & family


Last updated December 4, 2011