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6,5 weeks

Beautiful Loui 22.10.2006


Lots of new photos of Loui in his new home - where he has a wonderful life already.

He even start showing interest in the sheep. He has only lived there for 7 days.

When you think of how much have been changed in his life. This is quite amazing!!!!!!!!

Carsten & Jette say he has adjusted their family easily.

THANK YOU Carsten & Jette for giving our boy his second chance in life. We will always be grateful to you for that.

And for not least for your believe in our way of breeding.


Loui and Enyu enyoing their own company


Rambo & Loui

Beuatiful Loui

Loui is a blue/sable with tan male

born 30.08.2006

Eyes clear at 7 weeks


Owned & loved by

Carsten & Jette Andersen



Loui has moved to a new home where he now have 2 older brothers to play with.

Rambo and Teddy. And in the future Loui will help his new family in herding.

So he has a great future to look forward to. We sure couldn't wish him a better life.

Click Rambo's or Teddy's photo to see more.



Rambo, Teddy and Loui have got a new little brother Zap

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