AG1 dog 2010/2011 in BCK

Maliway Heavenly' Legacy


6,5 weeks

Beautiful Merlie and her new mum 28.10.2006

Gorgeous Merlie in her new home 05.11.2006

Merlie playing with Rambo (6 months old Dachshound).

Gorgeous Merlie 14.11.2006

Gorgeous Merlie 10.12.2006

And at home 11.02.2007

Merlie enjoying the snow 22.02.2007

Gorgeous Merlie 01.04.2007

Gorgeous Merlie 15.08.2007

18.08.2007 Matrix and Merlie at the show. Aren't they just gorgeous???

18.08.2007 Merlie the princess ooo)))

Beautiful Merlie 13.02.2008

Gorgeous Merlie with her trophy - 13.08.2011

Merlie with her mum and new little brother Ian 07.07.2012

Agility pics from 2011

Merlie & Ian 20.07.2012

Gorgeous Merlie 20.03.2013

 Merlie is a blue merle female

born 30.08.2006

Eyes clear at 7 weeks

Hips A-A, Elbows 0-0


Owned & loved by

Annegrete Bødker



07.07.2012 Merlie has a new little brother our Ian click the photo to see him:-)

This is Merlie's new older brother Xeion a gorgeous boy!

Xeion sadly passed away in May 2012

Last updated April 7, 2013