Maliway Souul Surprise


1 day old

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

6 weeks and 2 days

7 weeks

8 weeks

nearly 9 weeks 20.05.2012

nearly 10 weeks 27.05.2012

Ian is looking so much like our Zoya 06.06.2012

And again 09.06.2012 - photo by Lene Dyrner

And with brother Skoopy

Ian 20.06.2012

Gorgeous Ian 01.07.2012

Ian with his new mum 01.07.2012

Our precious Ian just before Annegrete picked him up 07.07.2012

A walk with mum

Isn't he just gorgeous? ♥♥♥

Ian in his new home with his new family 07.07.2012

Wonder if he dare do it :-)

When the parrot is out the dog is in hihi 16.07.2012

Wonderful Ian 21.07.2012

Ian 1 year 20.03.2013

Ian is a black/white male

born 20.03.2012

Eyes clear at 6,5 weeks

Hips A-A

CEA/CH DNA normal by parentage

CL DNA normal by parentage

TNS DNA normal by parentage


Owned & loved by

Annegrete Bødker


This is Ian's new older sister "our" Merlie

Click the photo to see her

Last updated September 14, 2013