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Today it is 15 years ago that Sally & Prince babies were born. Sweet memories to Fie, Charmy, Emma, Mille and our own so special Fregne.







Today Spooky/Fay babies are celebrating their 14th birthday. Happy birthday Fie and perhaps Mille and Rambo who I haven't heard from in a while. Also sweet memories to Zowie, Spiff, Noah, Amica and Meggie. May you have a special day with your families!!!




Today Lego & Aico babies: Enyu, Merlie, Loui are celebrating their 9 year old birthday. Happy birthday!!! May you have a special day with your families!!! Sweet memories to Molly & Matrix.






Today we had to say godbye to Vega only 11 years and 24 days old. It went too fast and I am still in chock to have to make this decission for you. I miss you badly little Vixen, but know that you now are with your mum and brother again .






Today Amanda would have turned 10 years. I will always miss you my special girl .





Today Vegas and Spot babies are celebrating their 11 year old birthday. Happy birthday to my wonderful Vega and may you have a special day with your families Raven, Bugger and Migo.

Today it is 18 years ago Babe and Brave babies (with BorderShock prefix) were born .





Today it is 15 years ago our Fay/Cosmo babies were born .





Today Meggie has crossed the Rainbowbridge 13 years and 9 months. Thank you from the buttom of my Susanne and Jesper for giving her a wonderful active life. I know she will be deeply missed .




Today Thia celebrates her 10 year old birthday. Happy birthday dearest Tante Tut. You are such a very special girl to us all !!!






Today Lego & Magi babies celebrate their 11 year old birthday. Happy birthday toJimmi, Windy and our own special Yeddah. Hope you have a wonderful day !!! Special thoughts to Zigga & Charlie.






Today it is 19 years since our big blue merle boy Cosmo was born. You were such a special boy and I still miss you so much .






Today our special little Jack Russell Soffy is celebrating her 6 year old birthday. Happy birthday gorgeous little Frk. Kortlunte!!! She make every day a fun day .






Today it is 17 years ago our Sisse and Spooky babies were born. Can't believe it is that long ago. Wish you were here Spot and Magi .






Today it is 19 years since our one and only Spooky was born. I still miss you my little Sputnik .






Today it is 16 years ago Sisse and Spooky babies. I miss you so much Matsi .







Today it is 23 years since our second border collie Nadia was born. We will always carry you in our hearts dearest Nadi .




Today our special girl Sille celebrates 4 year old birthday. Sille is also a big girl with a heart of gold. Happy birthday dearest girl .





 Today our thoughts goes to our first border collie Mischa. She was born 24 years ago. We never forget you precious little girl .





Today Vegas & Spot babies were born 13 years ago.


Gosh I miss you Dezy and Cooper .





Today Yeddah & Pjerrot babies are celebrating their 3 year old birthday. Happy birthday Sally, Alvin, Joey, Ian and our own wonderful Skoopy. I also send sweet little thoughts to little "Plet" who sadly left us only 7 days old. We hope you all have a special day with your families







Today Matrix has crossed the Rainbowbridge due to agressive cancer in his stomach. Only 8 years, 5 months and 17 days old. Thank you Mette for the buttom of my heart for giving him a perfect life. I know he will be deeply missed .







 Today our first litter of Sisse and Yonda (with BorderShock prefix) was born 18 years ago.


Special thoughts to our dearest and wonderful Sally. You will always be very special to me .






Today Fay who would have been 17 years. We still miss you little Fairy girl .





Today Fay & Lego's babies are celebrating their 10th birthday. Happy birthday  Lego jr, Strix, Charlie, Obi and sweet memories to Lucky and Idéfix. Hope you have a special day with your families.





Today my one and only boy Cooper has crossed the Rainbowbridge. My heart will be broken for a very long time. No words can express my feeling for you. You were my pride and joy little Gubi .





Today Rachel & Joker babies are celebrating their 5 year old birthday. Happy birthday Mille, Whisper, Liva, Storm, Joker and our own Nina & Takoda. Hope you have a great day with your families.




Today Lego would have turned 13 years. I miss you like crazy